Átilla Colombo Ferreguetti

Graduate in Biological Sciences by FAESA - Faculdades Integradas São Pedro. Master in Ecology and Evolution from the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). Doctorate in Ecology and Evolution by UERJ, working mainly on the following topics: vertebrates, conservation biology, occupation modeling, biodiversity monitoring through RAPELD plots. Researcher at the Laboratory of Mammalian Ecology under the supervision of Dr. Helena de Godoy Bergallo. Coordinator of Living in the Forest, project for the conservation of the biodiversity of Espírito Santo.

One Step Ahead To Predict Potential Poaching Hotspots: An Approach To Assist In The Surveillance Of Protected Areas

Human activities have profoundly changed most of the ecosystems in different regions of the Earth, causing widespread loss of biodiversity and loss of ecosystem functions and services. Excessive removal of specimens from nature is considered one of the most important […]

Effects Of Tourism And Human Presence On Mid-Sized Animal Populations

Tourism and the environment have a close relationship of dependence. Every tourist activity needs an environment, and whether this environment is natural or not, it undergoes a process of de-characterization in its natural setting by human action. Nature is essential […]