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Asit Mishra

Buildings are responsible for a considerable fraction of world’s total primary energy use. Building comfort standards deeply influence this energy use. With looming energy crisis and environmental concerns, the need of the hour is energy efficient and sustainable buildings. My research has been focused on optimizing building energy consumption directed at indoor conditioning. All the while, we want to ensure that indoor climate conditions are maintained so that occupant comfort and long term well being are not being sacrificed in the bargain. Further the goal is to move from just eliminating occupant complains to ac actual, pleasant indoor environment for all occupants.

Using Open Door/Windows To Ventilate Bedrooms And The Consequent Effect On Sleep Quality

Bedrooms are an important part of our homes, considering we spend around one-third of our life sleeping. Further, our sleep quality also influences our performance during the remainder of the day and overall health. Sleep quality is affected by many […]

An Analysis Of Occupant Responses To Transitions Across Indoor Thermal Zones

Across a building or even a floor of the building, one encounters spaces with different thermal conditions. Through our everyday life, we move across these spaces with different degrees of warmth or cool multiple times. Inherently, a sudden change in […]