Ari E. Martínez

Ari Martinez is an animal ecologist who dips into the realms of behavior and community ecology. He is interested in understanding how signals about food and predators are used across species and how this may influence species associations in space and time. His research has focused primarily in lowland tropical rainforests of Peru ( Manu National Park), but also in Panama (Soberania National Park), French Guiana (Nouragues), and Colombia. He has recently established collaborations with ecologists working in California’s Thousand Island Lake region. Martinez primarily works with birds in tropical ecosystems, but he is open to studying animals in a variety of contexts. He has published his work on alarm calling, the stability of social systems in birds, and "the landscape of fear" in scientific journals.

Using Social Information Cascade To Spread Information

One of the most spectacular scenes one can witness in a tropical rainforest is the swarming of army-ants as they scavenge for prey. As hundreds of thousands of army-ants scour the forest floor in search of food, arthropods and small […]