Aoife Delaney

Aoife Delaney is a post-doctoral researcher at University College Dublin, specializing in ecology and biodiversity.

As an ecologist, I am interested in discovering how natural and semi-natural systems respond to changes due to human impacts. Since graduating as a botanist in 2005, I have worked at the interface between research and applied conservation, helping to collect information on protected habitats and contributing to reports for the EU Habitats Directive. I am increasingly interested in involving stakeholders, educators and the general public in conservation initiatives. My main areas of expertise are in pollination ecology and the ecology and hydrology of coastal habitats, but I also have considerable experience in grasslands, woodlands and tropical ecology.

Monitoring Wetland Habitats? The Simplest Approach Is Not Always The Best

Seasonal wetlands experience frequent disturbance, which can interfere with the effectiveness of indicator species in habitat monitoring. In our paper in Ecological Indicators, we show that the simplest monitoring approach can yield misleading results. Biodiversity, the set of organisms living […]