About The Author

I’m Dr. Anne Jefferson, an associate professor in the Department of Geology. Research in my lab focuses on watershed hydrology and geomorphology in human-altered landscapes. Current projects focus on stormwater management, urban streams, abandoned mine lands, and spatial heterogeneity in water sources. Much of my research is field-based, but my group also makes use of stable isotope analyses, geographic information systems (GIS), and hydrologic modeling. Many recent projects have involved water quality and aquatic ecology components, typically collaborative in nature.

The Role Of Water In Aerosol Climate Forcing

We’re familiar with the role greenhouse gases play as the driving force behind climate change, through their absorption of longwave radiation and heating of the lower atmosphere. A lesser-known participant in radiative forcing is atmospheric aerosol. Because of their short lifetime that is on the order of a week, the aerosol impact on climate is