Anna Hargreaves

Dr. Anna Hargreaves is an evolutionary ecologist in McGill University's Department of Biology.

My research focuses on interactions among species (biotic interactions) and the dynamics of species range limits. Much of my research is field-based; I conduct large- and small-scale experiments in natural environments to test and refine theoretical ideas in ecology and evolution that have practical conservation relevance. I am especially interested in adaptation in range-edge populations, interactions among flowers and their visitors, and the role biotic interactions play in shaping species’ geographic distributions.

In addition to research, I care deeply about science education.  One of my on-going goals is to conduct outreach that helps improve public scientific literacy and foster an appreciation for the beautiful complexity of the natural world.

Arctic-To-Equator Experiment Shows Seeds Are More Likely To Be Eaten In The Tropics And Lowlands

Ecosystems are knit together by interactions among species, such as competition, herbivory, and predation. One of Darwin’s many interesting ideas was that these interactions are stronger and therefore more important in tropical and lowland ecosystems. This idea is at the […]