Anek R. Sankhyan

Had schooling at Bharai (H.P.), college & university at Panjab University Chandigarh; conducted researches in population genetics, specialized in paleoanthropology, prehistoric archeology and palaeontology of Siwaliks and Narmada Quaternary; published >100 papers, 3 books; organized international panels in China & UK on human origins; visited nine countries in Africa, France twice, China, U.K., Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Served AnSI for > three decades; founded <>

Cranial Trepanation On A Woman’s Skull In India: Neolithic Alignments

Interdisciplinary work among anthropologists, archaeologists, and astronomers can provide a very interesting point of view for problems such as the one in this article. The authors investigated a woman’s skeleton with many cranial trepanations from the Neolithic age (around 2000 […]