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Amitava Mukherjee

Presently working on Nano (bio) sensors, Nano (eco) toxicology, and Bio (nano) remediation. Principal investigator for total Research Grants worth Rs 37 Million including 3 ongoing projects. Serves as Editor for PloS One, and Editorial board member for Toxicology Reports and PNASI (Biology). Recognised as "Outstanding Reviewer" for 25 well reputed journals including Analytica Chimica Acta, Talanta, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Environmental Research. Email me at: amit.mookerjea@gmail.com

Controlling Mosquito Populations Using Nanotechnology (Nanometric Emulsion)

The research focused on formulating the bio-based nanopesticide which can efficiently control the vector mosquito population, simultaneously exhibiting an environmentally benign property.  The rising jeopardy of vector-borne diseases and the residual eco-pollution in current scenario due to excessive application of […]