Alejandra Zarzo-Arias

Alejandra Zarzo-Arias is a research scientist and Ph.D. student at the University of Oviedo, Joint Research Unit for Biodiversity (UMIB).

I am mainly interested in the ecology and conservation biology of large carnivores. My PhD research focuses on the small and endangered Cantabrian brown bear population, as an example of a large carnivore in human-dominated landscapes. Principally, I am studying bear distribution and habitat requirements, potential expansion range in Asturias and behaviour, as well as temporal patterns of bear damages.

What Does The Future Hold For The Endangered Cantabrian Brown Bear?

Brown bears, like many other large carnivores, are recovering and expanding their range in recent years, especially in Europe. In order to enable their coexistence with humans, new strategies are crucial to ensure their survival, such as identifying areas they […]