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Alan Scarlett

Alan has a background in environmental toxicology and analytical chemistry. Since 2015 he has been conducting research at Curtin University within the Western Australian Organic and Isotope Geochemistry Centre led by Professor Kliti Grice. The common theme in these wide-ranging research areas has been complex mixtures of organic compounds: What is in them? What can this tell us about our past and present? And, what impact can they have on organisms and ecosystems?

Caged Hydrocarbons Hidden For Half A Century: Could Ethanoadamantanes Prove To Be Useful Molecular Indicators?

Hydrocarbons come in many shapes and sizes. Probably the most intriguing of these is caged structures. Some of these resemble diamonds and some are more like ice crystals. Not surprisingly, it is from this resemblance that diamondoids and iceanes take […]