Aglaia (Cilia) Antoniou

Dr. Aglaia (Cilia) Antoniou is a Post-Doc at the Institute of Marine Biology and Genetics, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research. Dr. Antoniou is a biologist and has a long-time interest in Evolutionary Biology especially in the field of Population genetics, Phylogenetics, Phylogeography and Landscape genetics. She obtained her Masters degree in Environmental Biology and a PhD in Population and Landscape Genetics at the University of Crete, Greece. Dr. Antoniou is a wet lab scientist and one of her main goals is to bridge the realm of theoretical and experimental population genetics in an attempt to study genetic diversity under a multidisciplinary framework that applies to data collection, analysis and interpretation.

Witnessing The Rise Or Fall Of A Species: Introgressive Hybridization Of Dolphins In The Greek Seas (Stenella coeruleoalba And Delphinus delphis)

Under some circumstances, it is possible for members of two different species to mate and produce viable offspring. This phenomenon is called hybridization and is far more common in natural populations than previously thought, as suggested by the findings of […]