Adrian Liston

Adrian Liston is a Belgian immunologist and professor at the KU Leuven (Leuven, Belgium). He is head of the VIB Translational Immunology Laboratory. His main research interests are in the fields of autoimmunity, primary immune deficiencies and diabetes. Liston led the discovery of Pyrin-associated autoinflammation with neutrophilic dermatosis, a previously unknown auto-inflammatory disease caused by mutation in the gene MEFV. Liston is also known for identifying genetic fragility of pancreatic beta cells as a cause of diabetes. In 2016, Liston led a team that found that cohabitation modified the immune system, making partners more similar to each other. His research team has emphasized the role of the environment over genes in shaping the immune system. In 2017, his team identified novel mutations in the gene STAT2 which lead to primary immunodeficiency.

Unlocking The Secrets Of A Rare Immune Disease 

Primary immunodeficiencies (PID) are a heterogeneous group of disorders that disturb the host’s immunity, creating susceptibility to infections. PIDs are genetically diverse, with mutations in many different genes capable of causing immunodeficiency. The clinical symptoms of PIDs include, but are […]