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Adrian D. Werner

Adrian Werner is a Professor of Hydrogeology at Flinders University. After completing a Civil Engineering Degree at Central Queensland University in 1992, he worked for the Queensland State Government until 2006 on water resources projects, specialising in surface and subsurface hydrology. Adrian completed a Ph.D. at the University of Queensland in 2004 on the topic of coastal aquifer hydrodynamics, and holds Associate Editor positions with the Journal of Hydrology (since 2007) and Advances in Water Resources (since 2012). Adrian is an active member of the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training.

Incongruent Freshwater Lenses Of The River Murray Floodplains (Australia): Discovery Of A New Groundwater Phenomenon In Dry Riparian Zones

Groundwater hydrology is a mature research field. The idea of discovering a new type of groundwater system seems unlikely. Yet, in the floodplains of the River Murray system, freshwater lenses float on saline groundwater under conditions that seem, on first […]

Freshwater Beneath The Sea: Investigating A Hidden Resource

Groundwater beneath the seafloor in many of the world’s continental shelves has salinities well below that of seawater. Increasingly, there is pressure to tap into these subsea freshwater reserves. There are two potential sources of fresh and brackish groundwater in […]