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A. J. M. Medved

Prof. Medved is a theoretical physicist working in the areas of gravitation and quantum field theory. His research has spanned various topics in black hole thermodynamics, the holographic paradigm, the string-theory based AdS/CFT correspondence (and generalizations thereof) and holographic-inspired cosmologies. Dr. Medved has most recently been actively collaborating with Prof. Ram Brustein (of Ben-Gurion University, Israel) on various investigations, including the hydrodynamic properties of strongly coupled fluids (via the AdS/CFT duality), higher-derivative gravity theories and consequences of quantum-fluctuating geometries.

Finding Time For Evolution

Time is a concept that is taken for granted in most areas of human life. It is treated casually without much thought, and we only seem to run into trouble when trying to take the concept apart to see what […]