Aquarius Traits: Personality Of Male And Female

Traits of an Aquarius are truthfulness, intelligent, independent, excellent communicators, and an affectionate personality. Some of the negative traits are unpredictable, detached, out of touch, sometimes irrational, and inefficient.

Aquarius personality traits of male and female are fascinating. The people born under this sign have some very marked personality traits.

If you would like to know the most common traits in people born under the sign of Aquarius, you have come to the right place.

Aquarius – What You Need To Know

But before we go into the specific personality traits of Aquarius-born men and women, there are a few things that you need to know about this sign.

People who are born between January 20 and February 18 are Aquarius. Aquarius is ruled by two planets: Saturn and Uranus.

Aquarius is considered an air sign.

The color assigned to this zodiac sign is either silver or light-blue. Their best day is meant to be Saturday and their lucky numbers are 4, 7, 11, 22, 26. And they are meant to have the best compatibility with Sagittarius and Leo.

The lucky stone for Aquarius is aquamarine and opal and their lucky talisman is the key and the owl.

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General Aquarius Traits

Whether male or female there are some general traits that all Aquarius are said to share.

People born under the sign of Aquarius are said to be progressive, independent, original, and display humanitarian tendencies. But, on the other hand, they can also be temperamental, aloof, uncompromising, and can run from expressing themselves emotionally.

One of the hallmarks of the sign of Aquarius is the campaign for justice. Everybody is my brother. Justice is very important to me. – Morgan Fairchild

Among the favorite activities for Aquarius-born people are helping other people, having intellectually heightened conversion, having fun with their friends, and listening to others. But they dislike when promises are broken, when other people disagree with them, when they find themselves in boring situations, or when they encounter limitations to what they want to achieve.

There lies a contradiction within most people who are born Aquarius: they can be both be quiet and shy, and they can also be very energetic and eccentric. It really depends on the situation.

One of the best qualities of Aquarius is that they are able to put themselves forward to help other people, without any prejudices. Because they love nothing better than helping other people.

Aquarius-born people are also highly intellectual people who love to think deeply about things.

They are easily adaptable to different situations, but they do cherish their time alone. They need to spend time alone to recharge batteries, so they can be of more help when needed. Alone time is important because they need to rest their mind, so they can put it to more effective use.

They are also very good at thinking about the future and making plans. This is often thought of as their visionary quality.

Aquarius-born people are humanists known for their progressive thinking. So, they really hate feeling limited or constrained by circumstances or by other people. They desire freedom and equality not just for them but for everyone else.

The Traits of The Aquarius Man

Aquarius men have some traits that make them desirable while others may make them off-putting to other people.

Among some of their most attractive traits are that they are socially-oriented, spontaneous, intelligent, great communicators, and independent. But they can also be unpredictable, stubborn, unreliable, inflexible, and indecisive.

Aquarius men tend to not like being approached by people who come on too strong.

Because Aquarius men are often immersed in their own thoughts, they need friends or a partner who they would be able to talk about what they think. And they usually choose their partners from people they were friends with first.

For people born under other signs who know an Aquarius man with whom they would like to enter into a relationship may have to be content with keeping things platonic for quite some time before things can move along.

The priorities for an Aquarius man are being a free individual who gets to make a difference.

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The Traits of the Aquarius Woman

Aquarius women also have some positive traits and other not so positive ones. Of course, whether you regard their traits as positive or negative will often depend on your prejudices and what you want.

Aquarius women can be mysterious, independent, eccentric, and free-spirited. Among their best qualities are how practical and helpful they can be in life and also their unique sense of humor.

But they can also be inconsistent, just like Aquarius men.

Although at first people born under other signs may think that Aquarius women are aloof or even cold, they love romance and, like their male counterparts, great conversation.

Aquarius women tend to have very complex personalities and getting close to them successfully or not will, to a great extent, depend on whether you appeal to all the different aspects of her personality or not. They are generally attracted to people whom they perceive to be unique. They do not like people who do not stand out. You will need to be noticeable in some way for an Aquarius woman to pay you any attention.

You will have to be unique. So, always be yourself around Aquarius women if you want them to notice you.

Aquarius women are put off by people who come across as too pushy or are demanding. Aquarius women are independent and value their freedom (and that of others) above everything else. So, do not ever try to come between an Aquarius woman and her freedom. A good approach to them is always one that would appeal to her mind rather than her feelings. And do not expect Aquarius women to express their own feelings openly or respond if you do so yourself.

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