888 Meaning: The Angel Number

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The meaning behind the number 888, an angel number is that indicates that you have learned a new spiritual lesson that you needed. It represents positive progress or positive changes coming soon.


Angel numbers are the way in which guardian angels communicate with the living. Of course, this has not scientifically been proved. It is something that people who believe in the afterlife and in guardian angels believe.

According to that set of beliefs, we human beings have a team of guardian angels who, even though they are invisible to us, they protect us and guidance. But how can guardian angels protect us and guidance if we can’t even see them, let alone hear them?

The way guardian angels communicate with human beings is by sending them signs. Of course, it is up to us to notice not signs and following their messages. This can be hard, and the signs often come in coded ways that could go unnoted easily.

But some people have studied this, and it is possible to know what messages guardian angels are sending us. But remember that this is all a matter of personal belief.

Spiritual Lessons

The number 888 or any other angel numbers are sent to us with a clear message about our lives. Sometimes the message could be a reinforcement of our current behavior, telling us that what we are doing is right while, other times, the numbers that we see mean that we need to make some changes in our lives.

Whatever we are waiting for – peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of simple abundance – it will surely come to us, but not only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart. – Sarah Ban Breathnach

As I said earlier, numbers are how our guardian angels communicate with us. If you keep coming across the same number, you might think that it is just a mere coincidence or, if you are inclined to believe in guardian angels and some such.

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The challenge is not breezily dismissing signs that may appear abstract and subtle. But if you are aware what those signs are and how meaningful they are it then becomes easier to see them.

Meanings of the Angel Number 888

888 is one of the richest angel numbers there is.  As such it has many possible meanings.

The first meaning is that you have wisdom or some knowledge to share. This is because this particular number is about spiritual learning and growth. 888 does not mean that you have a spiritual lesson to learn but, rather, that you have already learned it and you need to pass it on to others.

So, if you keep coming across this number there is no need to feel alarmed. Nothing bad is going to happen to you and there is not anything that you need to other than examine what you have learned.

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Then, work out in which you can spread that learning, those spiritual lessons around.

The idea is that, for as long as we are on this Earth, we have to constantly grow spiritually. Life teaches us lessons almost on a daily basis. Some people believe that everything that happens to us in our lives teaches us a lesson that we needed to learn. And if we learn that lesson, we become wiser.

This angel number means that you have learned a lesson and that you should try to pass it on to others, offering people near and dear to you the guidance they need. In this way, you will be helping other people in their own spiritual growth.

You could almost say that a great part of the value in learning spiritual lessons is in having the chance to pass them on to others.

But there is a possible second meaning of 888. This number could also mean that something that you have been working on has now become ripe and you are now ready to receive it into your life.

This may seem like a totally different meaning, but it is still to do with spiritual growth if you think about it. If you keep seeing this number, it could be that you have reached a higher level in your very own personal spiritual evolution.

So, 888 means that you have made the right choices in your life, and all your hard work, your tenacity, and your patience have now resulted in a reward. 888 is confirming that.

But there is also a third important meaning behind this angel number. 888 can also mean that your positive and abundance mindset is bringing you new opportunities. This usually has to do with financial success. So, if the previous two meanings do not apply to your current life situation, you could very well be on the cusp of financial success.

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This angel number can also mean that opportunities to achieve your financial goals could be around the corner for you, as it were.

It is important to notice that this third meaning of the angel number 888 occurs to people who are already in a positive and abundance mindset. In other words, 888 acts as confirmation of something that the person has already been thinking about and attracting with the sheer power of his or her mind. This would translate into something specific for the person in question, something along the lines of changing careers or getting a rise. But it could also mean something that is not necessarily related to finances or careers, such as making new friends or relocating to a better place.

888 is the number of both spiritual growth and abundance. And as such, it should always be welcome with gratitude.

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