10 Absolute Best No WIFI Free Games

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Not having wifi may really suck but with these 10 free no wifi games, it is no longer Earth-shattering. These games are playable on your phone and even on your computer via an Android emulator.

These games are fun, free, and best of all the only time you’ll need wifi to use them is when you download them. Check them out in this guide.

To be happy in this world, first you need a cell phone and then you need an airplane. Then you’re truly wireless. – Ted Turner

Android Emulators

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As we mentioned above these games (with the exception of the first one) are primarily available for your phone. But, you can play them on your windows computer by means of an Android emulator. An emulator is something that emulates, or imitates, something else. So, in our case, an Android emulator is a program that emulates Android software into fooling programs to believe that your computer is an Android product. Android emulators are safe, legal, and most are free to use. They’re really useful because they allow you to use apps designed for your phone or tablet on your computer, which not only can maximize your productivity, it can also make your games easier to see on a bigger screen.

There are quite a few different emulators that you can find on the internet, but my personal favorite is BlueStacks. BlueStacks, which can be found here, is a free Android emulator that is available on your Windows PC and even your Mac computer. It is very easy to navigate and is overall very user-friendly. I personally use Bluestacks to play Guns of Glory and King of Avalon (both of these games DO require wifi) on my computer and it runs very well. A really cool thing about BlueStacks is that they have different games available on the app itself and they feature different popular apps, so you can always keep up with what’s popular.

All the games listed below (again, with the exception of the first game) can be played with the BlueStacks emulator installed on your computer. Installing BlueStacks is easy, all you need to do is go here and follow the on-screen prompts. Then you can start installing the apps and games you want and you’re ready to go. If you have any troubles the handy video below may also help.

Top 10 No Wifi Games

Below are the top 10 absolutely free no wifi games. Now, obviously, you will need wifi or some sort of internet connection to download these apps, but you get the point. All these games are available on iOS and Android.

1. Chrome Dinosaur Game

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If you have Google Chrome as your web browser you have more than likely run into the scenario that you lose internet and you might see something similar to the picture above. What you might not know is that if you press the space bar you can actually start playing an endless running game. In the game, you control a little T-rex and you have to hop over obstacles, primarily cacti, as the pace gradually goes faster and faster.

In one of the college classes that I found particularly boring, I would actually turn my Wifi off on my computer and play this game while the professor lectured. After doing this the entire semester I got pretty good at this game and my highest score was a little over 15,000. If you have scored higher than that let us know down in the comments.

2. Temple Run and Temple Run 2

Yes, these games are oldies, but goodies. Temple Run was released in 2011 and Temple Run 2 was released in 2013, and are honestly still pretty fun to play all these years later. Like the Chrome Dino Run game, Temple Run is an endless running game styled very similarly to Indiana Jones where you steal a relic and need to outrun bad guys chasing you down trying to take it back. The two games are fun, free, and they require absolutely no internet.

3. Jetpack Joyride

Following our theme of endless runners (and, coincidentally, apps developed in 2011), our next game is Jetpack Joyride. In this game, you steal a jetpack and work at breaking out of a secret underground lab. If you have Amazon Prime and a Fire HD then you can get this game as “actually free” where you can buy packs for no money and get really cool gear and new jetpacks.

4. Angry Birds

There are plenty of different Angry Birds games out there, such as: Star Wars, Blast Island, Dice, Transformers, Star Wars 2, Piggies, Space, Rio, Seasons, etc. With so many different games available in the Angry Birds series you are bound to find a game you will enjoy.

5. Sudoku

Sudoku is a great change of pace game that challenges your mind and isn’t your typical mindless “launch birds at pigs” kind of game (even though I do love those games quite a bit). There are a lot of different sudoku apps available on the app store, so finding one is not difficult in the least bit. Sudoku is also a game that is easy to get the hang of, so there isn’t too much of a learning curve associated with it.

6. Chess

Stick with me here. While chess can be boring, it can also be challenging and can be a good change of pace. There are lots of different chess apps available on the app stores, and even apps that will help teach you chess if you don’t know how to play it.

7. Plague Inc.

If you have ever wanted to wipe out the entire world with an evil mutated virus but your mom said no, this is your time to shine. Plague Inc. allows you to create an illness and then unleash it into the world in the hopes of wiping every living person off the planet. Is it evil? Absolutely. Is it fun? Absolutely.

8. Despicable Me

Despicable Me: Minion Rush is yet another endless runner (notice the pattern?) where you play as a minion and race to collect bananas. You can customize your minions and there are also little bonus games included in the app itself.

9. Hill Climb

This is the final endless driving game on the list where you drive a vehicle (you can customize) as far as possible. You face challenges on different maps and even have different vehicles to choose from. The game is a lot of fun and I have spent hours playing it.

10. Flow Free

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Flow Free is a puzzle game where you need to connect dots together without intersecting lines (the person above actually did it wrong). It is a fun puzzle game that is a very nice change of pace from the other games on this list.

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